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McDonalds Merthyr Tydfil Handover

McDonalds Merthyr Tydfil has reopened after our 6-week refurbishment, this included a full rip out of restaurant and kitchen, 4 extensions to various parts of the building, new cladding onto the roof and also all new render and bricks to the outside area.

We extended the shopfront forward and to the side to increase the seating capacity in the restaurant area, we extended both sides of the building, one side to make the crew room bigger and the other to create the beverage set up area, the last one was to the back of the building to create a new managers office.

At the start of our programme we had removed all shopfront so we could start our extension, a few days after we removed the shopfront we had heavy snow fall which got into the building and caused us to have a slow start but we still pushed on and got it finished in time for restaurant reopening on handover day.

We had new flooring, ceilings and lighting throughout the restaurant and kitchen as well as all new furniture. Installed all new grey rock in the kitchen, oak cladding and tiling in the restaurant area.

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